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Central Asia in the Persianite World: Past, Present and Future

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - 2:00pm
108 Wes Watkins Center

A lecture on Iranian cultural heritage will be delivered by Dr. Kirill Nourzhanov, deputy director and convenor of Ph.D. studies at the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies at the Australian National University. Iranian culture is a key element of the social and political history of Central Asia. Terms such as ‘Persianite societies’ or ‘Turko-Persian oecumene’ are commonly used by schol- ars examining the region from ancient times to the colonial period. The lecture will canvass the Persianite legacy in Central Asia today focusing on how its main themes and motifs are used (and sometimes abused) by the local governments in the areas of nation-building, geopolitics, and diplomacy. It will conclude with a survey of the current relations between the Central Asian states and Iran and their prospects in the future. 2 PM - 3:30 PM, 108 Wes Watkins