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VPR Panel Series: The Microbiome

Monday, February 20, 2017 - 10:00am
416 Student Union, Case Study 2

Microbiome refers to the collection of genomes of microbes in a system.  Commonly, we refer to these systems as the “human microbiome” or the “gut microbiome”.  Many of these microbes positively affect health, including the development of the body’s immune system and the ability to detect and fight infections. An example is the use of “probiotics” as dietary supplements for people and animals. Research efforts across OSU departments and colleges have laid the foundation for the expansion of existing microbiome-related research through a broad, interdisciplinary base. Attend this VPR Panel Series to learn more.

Moderated by Dr. Jerry Malayer, Associate Dean for Research, Center for Veterinary Health Sciences.

Dr. Tyrrell Conway, Microbiology and Molecular GeneticsConway is currently studying the mechanisms of pathogenic E. coli to outcompete native microbiota for nutrients in the intestine.

Dr. Udaya Desilva, Animal Science – DeSilva will talk about microbiomes of livestock and companion animals and will describe advances in those species.

Dr. John Gustafson, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – Gustafson’s laboratory has begun working with the genus Elizatbethkingia, which comprise a group of multiple antibiotic-resistant human and animal pathogens.

Dr. Gerwald Koehler, Biochemistry and MicrobiologyKoehler’s research group is interested in the interactions of the microbiome with the host’s endocrine and central nervous systems with potential impacts on diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders.

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