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Developing 100% Banana Fibre Fabric

Developing 100% Banana Fibre Fabric

Joyce Nabisaalu

Design, Housing, and Merchandising

The demand for natural fiber fabrics continues to rise despite the continuous innovation with synthetic fibers like polyester. For decades cotton has been the main fiber in the manufacture of natural fiber fabrics but the production of organic cotton is declining creating need for innovation of alternative natural fibers that can perform to or above cotton fabric standards. The research to create the banana fabric started in Uganda where bananas (plantain) is largely grown for food and the pseudo stems are left in the field as waste.
The poster will exhibit the processes done in developing the fabric and the gaps left for further improvement. It will show features of the banana pseudo stem and the processes that include; fiber extraction, softening, spinning, and weaving the spun yarns in to fabric. The developed fabric is 100% banana fiber although further research is still needed to improve it's physical properties like texture, handle, bending properties, yarn fineness, and strength to make the fabric as competitive as cotton for garment production.