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Sentiment Analysis of Opinions about Self-Driving Cars

Sentiment Analysis of Opinions about Self-Driving Cars

Nachiket Kawitkar

Business Analytics

Self-driving cars are no longer a futuristic dream. In the recent past, Google has launched a prototype of the self-driving car, while Apple is also developing its own self-driving car. Companies like Tesla have just introduced an Auto Pilot version in their newer version of electric cars which have created quite a buzz in the car market. This technology is said to enable aging or disabled people to remain mobile, while also increasing overall traffic saftery. But many people are still skeptical about the idea of self-driving cars, and that’s our area of interest. In this project, we plan to do sentiment analysis on thoughts voiced by people on the Internet about self-driving cars. We have obtained the data from which contain these reviews about the self-driving cars. Our dataset contains 7,156 observations and 9 variables. We plan to do descriptive analysis of the reviews to identify key topics and then use supervised sentiment analysis. We also plan to track and report how the topics and the sentiments change over time.